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More success and jobs?

Join our community and be inspired! Are you a dancer who have not taken the leap to work full time on your passion? Maybe you are a talented artist but never get any jobs or income by your art? It is all about knowledge, guts and insight. Expand your knowledge and get inspired though the material posted on this website for all our members! Kickstart with the 3 month program for growing income and career. Start the life you desire!

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Pink Marble


I never understood why others could live full time with music, acting or dancing. After this program I do it myself! I'm more happy than ever!

- Client



I actually earn more now on my dancing than what I did at my

9-5 job!

- Client Catarina


Membership includes:

Success program

Kick start your new career! All you need to know is in this 6 month program!

Start when you want and follow the program as you please.


Get marketing plan modules, mindset modules, economic planners.

A must have for organizing your career better.

Extra material

New peptalks, inspiration and course that you'll need.

Learn about things like photoshop, design, mindset and more. 
What about tips for marketing plans or branding?

Dance classes

Free access to online dance classes. From both Irlin and guest instructors.

Grow knowledge and expand your skills in multiple styles

Your coach

Irlin - "I live a dream life, and I know why"

I don't have a dance education. And I am not the best dancer. But what I do have, is 8 years of living entirely of my dancing. Invitations to give workshops and attend talkshows and podcasts across the over the world.
I got multiple businesses connected to dance and an income that provides a beautiful home, amazing travels and happy life. I been most red blogger in my county, I created crews that in short time got international performance invitations, I coached dance studios and dancers to grow their social media game and I been a studio manager at two dance studios. I get booked to give personal coaching sessions for a stronger mindset and I helped multiple performers to kickstart the career. After all, some things are not learned at school.
 I am now ready and exited to open up more doors for more dancers and artists through this program!

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Our Plans

Select the VIP membership to join the program. You can cancel anytime.

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Full access to all courses, classes and articles




Only want to take dance classes or read our articles?



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