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Divine feminine energy

Using dance, psychology and spirituality as tools, this website provides the new concept that every woman needs! Get in touch with her feminine side. This new and unique concept have revolutionize the way we learn about femininity and feminine dance. This website offer different dance styles and classes to help you grow as a woman, inside and out. 


Every woman's superpower

Experience the transformative power of dance with our online classes. Practice with us as much as you want on any digital device.


Online Dance classes

Join dance classes that makes you more connected to your sensuality, feminine energy and mindfullness. Sensual, Belly dance, Twerk, Heels, Vogue, Waacking and much more!
New classes every week!


Join our online course in Feminine energy. This will guide you to growing confidence and learning to master the "siren effect" so that you can be a femme fatale. The best course for any woman that will surprise you! You can start and take classes on your own schedule.


Get inspiration

Follow our instagram for inspiration and news. Let's flourish in our feminine energy! Psychology, science and dance is keys for our content.

Our Plans

Choose a plan and enjoy unlimited access to our online classes, course and workshops. You can cancel anytime.

Pink Sugar


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Dance as much
as you want!



Our Approach

Dance is not just a series of movements, it's a way to connect with yourself and with others. It's a useful tool for self-discovery and expression.

- Irlin, developer






Queen's in
their thrones

Every woman should to shine!

Feminine Empowerment is all about celebrating women and their unique abilities. We believe that dance is one of the most powerful expressions of creativity and self-expression, and we’ve created a space where women of all abilities can come together to explore movement and build community. Our online dance classes are designed to be inclusive, fun and empowering, with a particular focus on providing dance classes for those in wheelchairs. We believe that everybody deserves the opportunity to dance, no matter their ability, and we work hard to make our classes as welcoming and accessible as possible.

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