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We offer several exciting packages for companies! Team building or the latest trends; movement in the office! Dancing doesn't have to be difficult, but it's a lot of fun, provides good exercise for the body and head! Plus it creates unity.

COLLEAGUE DANCE - Team building dance course  A fun hour with team building in a dance studio? Or perhaps a dance session at your event or office? Certain companies, such as Senkveld's production company (TV2), used dance during the lunch break in the office as a way to more easily become more creative together as a team at work. Other companies use it to create unity.

SHAKE YOUR BRAIN - A short movement session in the office. This is trending more and more in the modern and largest companies abroad. Physical activity together with brain training and coordination exercises is the perfect way to stay healthy, productive and in a good mood. Dance provides all of this and is thus a perfect activity for companies.

MUSIC VIDEO - You'll never forget!  Shared experience with an intern result. So fun! And also a natural way of creating a rewarding uniting product! How about finally making a funny or cool music video that will be premiered at your next summer party or Christmas party? Perhaps the group's bosses want to surprise the team with a music video to mark a big news? Create the biggest smiles together while you get both training in tailor-made dance and get to experience video recording with a professional videographer.

Dance Fitness Class
"Our team have never been so out of our comfort zone, but Irlin made us feel good and we enjoyed it! Recommend it!"



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